Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

TA Roadshow, Reading

Thursday 6 February 2020, Reading, Berkshire

An Exciting Event for Autism Parents – next stop Reading

We are delighted to announce the 11th in our series of TA Roadshow events. Three wonderful professional and parent speakers will be sharing their knowledge, experience, and simple nutritional tools to help improve negative autism behaviours and symptoms and make a positive difference to your child’s health and quality of life.

The Programme:

The Importance of Treating the Second Brain

Katy Gordon-Smith, DipCNM, MBANT, MCNHC
Some 60% of the chemicals in our brains are manufactured in our guts, so if the gut is not functioning properly, nor will the brain. Katy Gordon-Smith, fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist, will discuss the role of gut biome, peptide effects and undermethylation, including scientifically valid tests and evidence based recommendations, and how targeted use of vitamins and minerals can help with hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings and other issues associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Unlocking Children’s Potential with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Therapies

Sarah Warley, BA,MA Oxon Hons, INPP
Sarah is the Founder of The Key Clinic, which brings together multiple cutting edge neuroplastic therapies for helping the brain to heal through the body and the body to heal through the brain. Sarah will talk about neurodevelopmental delay, the link between a retained Moro Reflex and Autistic traits and the importance of reducing hypersensitive hearing. Sarah believes that an integrated approach to therapies can make a game changing difference to children with a wide range of varying concerns, from learning difficulties at school through to behavioural and emotional problems.

Treating Autism is a Journey – One Family’s Story

A parent will share their family experience of how support and interventions have helped reduce disabling autism-related symptoms for their child. You will get to hear what helped and what didn’t, how best to learn from other parents’ experience and knowledge, and how other parents were crucial in supporting the parents both emotionally and practically on this family’s journey.

There will be tea and coffee with snacks throughout the day. During the last hour we will offer lunch (included in the price, free to members) and there will be an opportunity for chatting informally to our speakers, TA team and other parents.

This event is aimed at parents new to autism and at those with more experience. If you know a family that could benefit from the information, please be sure to share these details with them.

I have been coming to Thinking Autism conferences for the last 3 years and have found these enormously helpful in terms of gathering information and developing a deeper understanding of the health issues for my child with autism. It is also useful to speak to other parents who may be at a similar stage, even though our children are all so different. 

A thoroughly informative and enjoyable experience. I have gained hugely from attending. Thank you and well done!
I felt close, as if we are in the same journey, it gave me hope.
I honestly think that TA did an incredibly impressive job this time. I have come away with a clarity and sense of empowerment. You can’t ask for more than that!
Overall an excellent conference, very well organised with terrific speakers, content and subjects. Congratulations to the Directors of TA and thank you so very much for your inspiration and example.
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