Become a Friend of TA

Become a Friend of TA

Become a Friend of Thinking Autism

Friends of Thinking Autism pledge to make a small monthly donation to the charity. We promise to send you two (and only two) communications a year about our work and we will never ask you for money beyond what you’ve signed up for. Plus, you can cancel at any time.

Your £1 a month will mean a great deal to us and help finance our endeavours such as our website, free publications and live events. For a pledge of £24 or more a year (that is, £2 a month or more) you can offer a free TA membership to a family member or friend, gifting them full membership benefits.

Our charity spends very carefully. We pay for no offices. The majority of our work is done by volunteers. We have one part-time employee, who also volunteers a great deal of her time. We do everything we can to ensure that our money can make the biggest positive difference for people with autism and their families.

To become a Friend of TA, click below and choose the “monthly” option. We will be in contact with you after you register. If you are a resident of the UK, please fill out the Gift Aid form, which will allow us to collect an extra 20% above your donation with no cost to you.

If you are a UK taxpayer please fill in this form before you donate. This will enable us to claim Gift Aid from the governement, meaning we will receive 20% on top of your donation at no extra cost to you.

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By filling and submitting this form you confirm that you a UK taxpayer and that you would like us to treat all the donations you make, until you notify us otherwise, as Gift Aid donations

Would you rather support Thinking Autism with a one time donation, or by volunteering or through your online shopping? Please read about the other options for supporting our charity here. Do you think your family could benefit from TA membership? Read about that here

Thinking Autism has literally been a lifeline for our family, providing much needed information to help make our autism kids lives be the best they can be. The conferences are particularly inspiring and informative and have given us direction and a feeling of empowerment and community in what can often feel like a very isolated existence. It helps to give us the strength to keep calm and carry on finding out answers and supporting our fellow autism families.
(feedback from a parent)

Thinking Autism has helped our family more than anything else. Our son faced terrible problems with his bowel and allergies, and attending TA conferences has allowed us access to the information we needed to help him. The new comorbidities pamphlet is also helping doctors and health professionals better understand the emerging science around autism and the need to explore the health challenges our children face.
(feedback from a parent)