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Support Our Work

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Thinking Autism is a charity run by family members of children with autism. Our work is informed by the lives of family members and their loved ones with autism, research into ASD and the experiences of adults with autism. Our charity  assists thousands of families, but we receive no government funding. We operate on a shoestring budget, with no offices or big expenses of any kind. We depend on, individual donations and membership fees.

If you’ve been helped by Thinking Autism or would like to further our work supporting autism families, you can do so by direct donation, corporate donation, becoming a Friend of TA, joining as a Member of TA, or allowing TA to benefit through your spending  by signing up to AmazonSmile or EasyFundraising.

Direct donations

If you’d like to make a small donation towards our work we promise that every contribution goes directly toward taking action!

If you are a UK taxpayer please fill in this form before you donate. This will enable us to claim Gift Aid from the government, meaning we will receive 20% on top of your donation at no extra cost to you.

If you are a UK taxpayer please fill in this form before you donate. This will enable us to claim Gift Aid from the governement, meaning we will receive 20% on top of your donation at no extra cost to you.

2 + 2 =

By filling and submitting this form you confirm that you a UK taxpayer and that you would like us to treat all the donations you make, until you notify us otherwise, as Gift Aid donations

Corporate donations

It the organisation that you work for ever raises money for charitable causes, please consider nominating Thinking Autism in their next round! Alternatively, if the company you work for donates parts of their corporate profits to charitable causes, please do consider introducing our charity and the work we do as a worthy cause.

Friends of Thinking Autism

When you become a friend of TA, you pledge to make a small donation on a regular basis, either yearly or monthly. We promise to send you two (and only two) communications a year about our work and we will never ask you for money beyond what you’ve signed up for. Plus, you can cancel at any time. For a pledge of £24 a year or more, you can offer a free TA membership to a family member or friend with full membership benefits.

Thinking Autism Membership

Read about all the benefits of membership here. We work hard to provide our members with updated information, financial support, live educational events, and a strong and supportive community to turn to in any circumstance.

Sign up to support our charity at AmazonSmile or EasyFundraising. Our charity is registered with each of them and if you need to some shopping anyway, we will receive a small donation at no extra cost to you. It only takes a minute or two to register for each and then your device will remind you of whenever you’re able to take advantage and show your support.

When shop via Amazon Smile and select our charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to Thinking Autism. It costs you nothing but will mean a lot to us! Click on this link and search for Thinking Autism in the search box.

 Easyfundraising helps support our work and costs you nothing. If you do online shopping, please consider registering here and choosing Thinking Autism as your charity. We would truly appreciate your support!

How do you contribution help – where we spend the money 

The work that is being helped by your contributions goes towards maintaining this website, organising and providing free publications, holding low-cost events: conferences for parents and professionals, local support events, answering hundreds of emails from autism families and professionals, advocating government officials and professional bodies to improve care and support for people with ASD, plus a lot more.

Dear Thinking Autism, over many years I have been grateful that a charity like yours is there for help and support. The conferences are brilliant, with really good speakers telling us about things we can do to help our ASD children and about what is happening in the world of Autism research. There are also practical sessions that Thinking Autism provide at the conferences such as learning about therapies and seminars with therapists whose therapies can make a huge difference to ASD children’s lives, for example by increasing their communication abilities. Then there is the whole parent network, which is created by being able to attend the Treating Autism events. As parents we are often isolated and so it’s really good to be able to talk to other parents who are having similar problems. Finally when things go horribly wrong, I have been able to contact the team, who have been able to give support and valuable help. Keep up the good work, it is wonderful. .
(feedback from a parent)

Dear Thinking Autism, Just to let you know that information you provided had a positive outcome …The introduction of this intervention by our doctor (thanks in great part to information collected and passed on by Thinking Autism!) meant that in just five days our child showed a marked improvement in behavioural responses, a reduction in OCD rituals and rigidity, reduction in oral defensiveness enabling new foods to be introduced. Also lately we have seen a reduction in over responsiveness to everyday occurrences including phobias of harmless things i.e. flies, shop freezers. We are now able to take our child on shopping trips, to new activities without elaborate rehearsals and be more spontaneous, including giving them surprises as treats, going to various busy family fun activities and joining in the fun including a birthday party. … It was integral that we were able to evidence validity for this intervention use in our child. That was only possible through the documentation and referencing you provided. This intervention has given the whole family a better quality of life and more social opportunities to help develop our child, giving them the opportunity to just be a child like any other!  Thanks and Best Wishes, MA.