Testimonials & Stories of Hope

Testimonials & Stories of Hope

Parents’ stories – from autism diagnosis to hope

Most of the parents we hear from began the process of helping their children by listening to the stories of other parents, noticing similarities with our own children and our own experiences and proceeding from there to explore possibilities in autism treatments and therapy options, approaches that can lead to improved health and quality of life for our children and adults on the spectrum. Following some of these treatments, sometimes as simple as a change in diet and eating habits, children’s negative behaviours can be reduced, sometimes significantly, and parents often report an overall reduction in severity of symptoms of autism.

We gain insight and direction from each other’s stories, and also hope, as well as admonitions and warnings. The parents’ stories here have been generously shared by people who have seen improvements in their children’s overall health and behaviour through the use of various nutritional and biological therapeutic approaches (sometimes also called biomedical interventions). They recount their experience of the devastation brought by a diagnosis of autism, which then acted as a catalyst for renewed vigour and determination as they set off on their quest to help their children.

Although these are not a series of miraculous cures and recoveries from autism, all of these children have made notable, sometimes remarkable progress.

Ryan’s Recovery, In His OWN Words

“Some people think we should just accept autism. And that if a child is treated, it changes who that kid is. I am still the same person I was, only now I’m happy and can enjoy life.”

Our experience with CBD oil for autism

I can now say that this was the best thing we’ve ever done for our boy. Our main hope was to bring calmness, but we were not expecting all the other benefits that this intervention would bring…An absolute miracle!

Kaylee’s Story of Recovery

Kaylee was born on a beautiful summer day, born healthy and normal with an Apgar score of 9. Never once did the word “autism” cross my mind as a possibility for her.

Sleep Problems in Autism - One Simple Solution

This story is actually quite simple, yet truly miraculous. At least it was for my family when we were so desperate for some mercy that we would have done anything to get it. Fortunately, the answer was sitting in our kitchen pantry so we didn’t have to go far.

Lilia’s Journey Through Autism

I did not know much about autism, or any developmental abnormalities for that matter, so up to the age of three we thought there was nothing particularly wrong with Lilia.

Jamie and His Journey

When diagnosed at age 3, Jamie’s day mostly consisted of spinning around in circles, flapping his arms and running up and down a room by himself. There was supposedly no treatment, with institutionalisation inevitable. Several years, a huge amount of hard work and considerable sums of money later, he is transformed.

Dougie’s Story

When he reached 18 months he came down with a really heavy cold/flu. His eyes were streaming, high temperature. Just a virus the doctor said…During the next few months he lost the language that he had…It was at this time that I kept hearing the word ‘Autism’… Everything from food limiting to anxiety, new situations/places to loud noises, it was all there.

James’s Journey, so Far!

James had so many other issues that I had always been told were just part of his autism, like his gastrointestinal problems. So, what if we were to treat these alongside his ASD? Would we see the same massive improvements in his autism symptoms and behaviours…? It was a lightbulb moment!

Full Recovery from Autism

Even with two parents on the autistic spectrum and with early onset autism, our son has fully recovered after two and a half years of biomedical interventions…He is longer on the autistic spectrum at all and his language skills are now actually advanced for his age… he is a very happy, very sociable and very affectionate little boy who loves life.

Fighting for Karl

We still have a very long road ahead of us, but having experienced such wonderful improvements I am inspired now and I have more strength than ever…
I sincerely thank some wonderful parents of autistic and recovered children for giving me my faith back and the strength to go on.

J’s Journey of Hope

From the moment J was born I am sad to say that although he looked healthy he was always unhappy. I found myself having to constantly rock and bounce to calm him and keep him happy. If I didn’t hold him and jig him he would cry. I had him continuously strapped to me and even ate my food sitting bouncing him in his pouch on a gym ball.

S’s Story

He screamed from sun up till sun down, barely slept, and threw his head off the hardest surfaces…In total despair we took S to A&E…The Doctors at the hospital refused to look at him, they told us this was autism, “this is how they are”…my husband became very agitated so they agreed to have a look in his ears, both ears were infected.

Treating Archie’s Autism

It took me by surprise and in that split second a longing so intense I couldn’t breathe, let alone think, surged through my body. A simple word ‘Mummy’, but one charged with huge meaning and valued so highly. I felt helpless, inept. Did my son even know I was his mummy?

Healing my Daughter

The worst thing to cope with was the aggression and her self harming. She still has scars on her head where she would wallop her head into radiators again and again until her forehead would split open and bleed. This was clearly a response to pain. Any child who visited the house would be attacked and injured. She drew blood several times from other children…

Fin’s Recovery Journey

The driver warned me not to do it, as his daughter had for her son and he had regressed into Autism and was never the same again. This worried me hugely, and I even said the words “the worst thing that could happen after everything we have been through with Liv would be for our sociable and happy boy to regress into Autism”.

Our Son's Autism Story

Screams and hollers…meltdowns…he hasn’t progressed at all in talking–in fact he’s saying less than before…train spotting is now bordering on obsession…bit me nearly a week ago and I’ve still got the bruise…eyes fixed…spends ages and ages with his head next to the wheels of his trike… laughing manically…running up and down constantly…not sleeping…not sleeping…not sleeping…’

Joshua – his Journey so Far

I chose to trial the diet for 6 months…I removed gluten first and amazing things happened – Joshua woke up. He would begin to notice things that were around him, the flowers, the trees, the sun in the sky. His “toddler diarrhoea” also disappeared.

Vision therapy for autism - our experience

“…for the first time he actually ‘wanted’ to read! A family friend who has been helping Tyler with reading every other week for a few years now also recognised more willingness to read and for longer, and Tyler’s school results showed improvement in reading… his reading age went up and was commented on in his Annual Review! “

Joseph’s Story

At age 3 we knew he had autism. The NHS speech therapist came and he hardly responded, she said to expect very little. The Paediatrician told us he was likely on the “low functioning end” of the ASD spectrum. We were heart broken and started to find other parents who had children like this. It was then we were encouraged to start nutritional therapy.

Jack’s Story

“Jacks” …… “feet” …….” are” …….” all” …….” wet” ……… my husband and counted with our fingers as we repeated the words my then 31-month-old son had just said, “that’s 5 words”, “that’s a sentence” …” OMG that’s a sentence”. This was 3 days after going cold turkey and completely removing all traces of gluten and dairy from the diet of our son who was barely verbal…

Mould: Our story

When we left our home the change was dramatic — 98% PANS symptoms disappeared! Tics and repetitive movements all gone. Aran started tolerating more food, leaving the house, helping with house chores, dressing himself and he began interacting with us again. Aran was just functioning better all round and so much happier!