Ryan’s Recovery From Autism

Ryan’s Recovery From Autism

Ryan’s journey out of autism, in his OWN words

Ryan Hinds, 26, says he has ‘recovered’ from autism, but not been ‘cured’ of it. His mother wrote a book about Ryan’s journey from diagnosis at age four to being an aerospace engineer with a love of surfing.

In this article, originally published in the Autism Eye magazine and reprinted here by their kind permission, Ryan shares his own story of personal growt


It is hard for anyone to imagine what their life would look like under different circumstances, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t involve surfing in Bali or Panama. My life could have been very different if my family had accepted how my life was if my parents had listened to the ‘experts’ when I was first diagnosed.

It is because my family never gave up on me that I live the life I do. When the doctors said there is no recovery from autism, there was no cure and there was no hope, my family still didn’t give up. Because, like the title of the book, they new that I was still in there.”