Jamie And His Journey

Jamie And His Journey

There was supposedly no treatment

Jamie was born on 29th October 2001 at the Rosie Maternity Hospital, Cambridge, UK. He weighed in at 3.56Kg and developed from a lively baby into a very happy toddler.

He is a remarkable boy. Happy, loving and talented, he possesses good academic ability and a great aptitude for music. However, Jamie also suffers from a severe disability: autism.

When diagnosed at age 3, Jamie’s day mostly consisted of spinning around in circles, flapping his arms and running up and down a room by himself. There was supposedly no treatment, with institutionalisation inevitable.

Several years, a huge amount of hard work and considerable sums of money later, he is transformed. Attending a mainstream preparatory school, keeping up with the UK National Curriculum and able to ride a bike, he is also a very accomplished musician.

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Whatever Jamie becomes, it will not be for lack of effort

This is Jamie’s story, a story of hope. The progress he has made has been astonishing, way beyond the prognosis at diagnosis. Keeping pace with neurotypical peers in a broad range of academic subjects forms the bedrock of his progress, for without this he would have too many deficits to make an independent life a realistic possibility.

Fighting for his Special Needs educational support in a mainstream school has been exhausting and draining, especially for Jamie’s mother, but vital for his future.

Whatever Jamie becomes, it will not be for lack of effort on his part or that of his parents. We are determined that he will participate in mainstream society as a net contributor, the best way to achieve happiness and a sense of worth.

Visit this website to see the progress that Jamie has made.