Resources: Intensive Interaction for Autism

Resources: Intensive Interaction for Autism

‘Intensive Interaction: Learning through Social Connection – How Intensive Interaction can help your child with autism to learn more naturally.’

From the introduction: “… We were happy with each consultant and we had absolutely wonderful therapists, but gradually, with every programme, it dawned on us that something wasn’t right. Why, if my son was making progress, was he becoming more demand-resistant? Why was he still unhappy, anxious, isolated and obsessive? Why were we, his family, still so stressed and depressed about our relationship with him? Although he was acquiring the skills we were teaching him, in some ways his autism was becoming more severe. How could that be? … We urgently needed to help him.

Prepared for Thinking Autism by Sara Moroza-James, a mother of a child with autism and Intensive Interaction practitioner.

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